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Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup – Drunken Punk Love!

‘I am terrified of mice. Seriously, I hate the little things. They scare me to death. I want them all dead. I'm not going to blow up Disney World or anything. I just don't like mice. Mickey is safe. Relax” - Jaret Reddick Vocals and Guitar

American Pop Punk

Bowling for Soup does not make thought provoking or emotionally charged records; they represent the generation that watched American Pie movies and the best part is they do not make any bones about it. They do not pretend to be anything that they are not. The music is three chord progressions and relates to the Basket Case era of Green Day and the fun lightweight of The Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated”. The music is about prom nights, getting drunk and the hangovers.

The band does not take themselves seriously and they do not expect their fans to do the same. The music is cheeky and sometimes cheesy but that does not mean they do not excel in their craft. The band has performed all over the world and is quite the attraction at the outdoor festival circuit. They have sold nearly a million copies of their album and their musical style can easily understood by the fact that they derive the bands name from a comedy act performed by Steve Martin! The band members have been the same since their inception till this day is a testament to their friendship.

The Beginning

The bands history can be traced to Texas in 1994 where Jaret Reddick (singer and guitar player), Erik Chandler on bass, Chris Burney on lead guitar and Lance Morrill on drums formed a band. However Morrill left soon and was replaced Gary Wiseman.

The band started recording EPs and albums by 1998 and received quite a lot of attention. Their local album “Rock on Honorable Ones” got the interest of Jive records who signed them on. The band major label self-titled debut album was released in 2000; the album is remembered for their punk rendition of Bryan Adams signature tune “Summer of 69”.

The second major label album “Drunk Enough to Dance” was released in 2002. the album featured one of their biggest hits and live standard – “Girl All The Bad Guys Want”. The video featured the band parodying various other videos like Staind and REM. The song was simple in its punk riff and structure which would come to signify the bands style. The song also got them widespread attention allowing them to tour nationwide.

Movies and Hangovers

After touring the band released their next album in 2004, titled “A Hangover you don’t Deserve”. It was the band only top 40 album. It was the catchy song “1985” which drove the sales; the song was hit single and a cover version of the band SR-71. The video and the single received phenomenal airplay pushing the album to Gold certification.

In 2005, they appeared in the motion picture “Cursed” and the album “Bowling for Soup Goes to the Movies” was predominantly an album of famous covers in all genres. That included Britney Spears and bizarrely the theme from Gilligan’s Island. The same year they toured with alt metal band A Simple Plan as an opening act. They spent the next year recording and writing their new album.

“The Great Burrito Extortion Case” was a push towards more rock sound and conscious lyrics. The band was trying its best to break into mainstream like all other punk bands. But they are unfortunately not able to structure it together; the band lyrics sometimes are vain and sound very thin.

What do you call a band that has a song called “Val Kilmer” in the year 2006; but it is sticking to what they do best in the track “High School Never Ends” the infection pop punk single is hit on the radio. The humor in their music comes from pop culture referencing so now you have jokes on Jessica Simpson, Tom and Katie Cruise!

The Band Keeps Partying!

The live DVD recorded in England has some good moments and captures the band in good form. In 2009, after a lot of online promotion and buzz, the band releases “Sorry For Partying” in October ’09. the power pop jokers were back with their signature sound and clever lyrics; some acoustic guitars thrown in to break the monotony

The embarked on UK tour called “Party in Your Pants” to promote the album. As of 2010, the band will be touring USA and Canada, the tour dates are awaited. The band is also quite huge on the festival circuit and has played the Download festival in England.

So hail to Bowling for Soup, the band fills a void and uses its own savoir faire to the max!

Did you know that...
  • ...Bowling for Soup covered the Britney Spears pop classic “Baby One More Time”
  • ...Bowling for Soup: Live and Very Attractive is a live DVD which features a cover of legendary singer Johnny Cash’s iconic song “Ring of Fire”
  • ...fairly recently every video that the band makes starts with featuring one of their old videos
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