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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

"I thought she'd offer me some sympathy. Instead, she said 'Don't you ever call me crying again! You wanted to be in this business so you better toughen up!' And I did." - Jennifer Lopez speaking about her mother.

Jennifer Lopez was born in the year 1969, on the day of July 24. Her parents were David Lopez and Guadalupe Rodriguez. She was born in the Bronx. She was raised as a Catholic and attended Catholic schools. At the young age of 16 she started to take dancing and singing lessons which she financed for herself.

Starting Out

She stayed busy with her time. When she wasn't working in a law office, she had classes for dance. She also found herself performing dance in Manhattan night clubs. In the film My Little Girl in 1987 she had a small role. In the year 1990 she landed a job as a Fly Girl dancer for In Living Color, a television comedy show. This was her first high-profile job. Janet Jackson hired her as a backup dancer and Jennifer Lopez had a appearance in the video That's the Way Love Goes in 1993. She acted in many movies like Maid in Manhattan, Money Train, Jack, The Wedding Planner and Jersey Girl.

Jennifer Lopez's Top 10

  1. Love Don't Cost a ThingDownload
  2. Jenny For the BlockDownload
  3. Play Download
  4. I'm gonna be alright Download
  5. Hold You Down Download
  6. Could This Be Love Download
  7. All I have Download
  8. Ain't it funny Download
  9. Brave Download
  10. I'm Real Download

Musical Success

In the year 1999, on the day of June 1st, she released On the 6, her debut album. It reached the top ten on the Billboard 200. Featured on the album was her lead single If You Had My Love that became a number one hit. Then, came the top ten single, Waiting for Tonight which was on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2001, she was nominated for a Grammy Award for the category, Best Dance Recording, for the single Let's Get Loud. In January of 2003, J.Lo, her second album was released. On the Billboard200 it debuted at number one. The movie The Wedding Planner hit number one also, making her the first singer-actress to have an album and movie hit number one all in the same week.

Moving fast up the charts were her two singles Ain't It Funny and I'm Real. Jennifer wanted to do a remix of those two songs, and got the go ahead from The Inc. Records, at that time the name was Murder Inc. Caddillac Tah and Ja Ruleare rap artists that were featured on both the remixes. On the Billboard Hot 100, the remixes both hit number one and stayed there for several weeks. The album J.Lo was released again and the remix I'm Real was put

Continued Success

On February 5, in the year 2002, J to tha L-O! was released. This album is an album that consisted of remixes and on the Billboard 200, it debuted as number one. This made history making it the first album of remixes to debut at number one on the chart. It also made history by it being the fourth biggest-selling album of all-time of remix. Nas, Fat Joe, andP.Diddy were artists that were featured on this album. On the Billboard 200, reaching number two was her third studio album This Is Me...Then. It was release in 2002, November 26th.

On Billboard Hot 100 the single Jenny from the Block, reached number three, the single that features LL Cool J, All I Have, was at number one for weeks. On 2005, March 1, her fourth album Rebirth, was released. On Billboard 200 it debuted and peaked at number two but feel fast off of the charts. Get Right is her second Platinum after the song If You Had My Love. In the U.S Rebirth was made Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Going a Different Route

In March 2007, her first Spanish-language album Como Ama una Mujer was released. On the Billboard 200 it peaked at the number 10 spot. The single off that album Que Hiciste was released to radio stations in 2007 the month of January.

On MTV's Total Request Live daily countdown, the video peaked at number one and was the first one to hit that peak that is Spanish-language. In the year 2007, she won an American Music Award for the Favorite Latin Artist. The fifth album, Brave was released in 2007, day October 9. The single Do It Well hit the top 20 in many countries.

Coming UpApril 2010 the seventh album Love will be released. The lead single off that album Louboutins debuted in 2009, day of November 23. At the 2009 American Music Awards, the song had its premiere and performance.

Jennifer Lopez according to Forbes magazine, she is the richest person of Latin American descent. She is a television producer, dancer, singer, actress, fashion designer, and record producer.

She is married to singer Marc Anthony, and is a mother of twins. She is also the most popular free mp3 downloaded Latin American singer.

Did you know that....
  • ...her parents wanted her to be a lawyer
  • ...she went to a Catholic all-girls school.
  • ...her children were born in 2008, on February 22, and are fraternal twins
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