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Savage Garden

Savage Garden

I would fly you to the moon and back…

Australian Born

The group who called themselves Savage Garden would become one of the most popular bands of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s with their soft rock sound that would allure many the young women. Upon putting an article in a local newspaper, Daniel Jones would find Darren Hayes and the two would go on to pursue a musical career that would be awarded many times over. They would initially start out with the group that was called Red Edge but would eventually leave the group and start their career as a duo act that was called Savage Garden.

Career Start

The duo would eventually split from the band that they formed, Red Edge, to pursue a career of just the two of them. The group would release their first single in 1996 that was called I Want You and would instantly become the year’s best selling single. It would climb to the top of the Australian charts where it would sit for weeks. There was so much success in the land down under that record labels in the United States began to garner much interest. Eventually, Columbia Records would win a bid to sign the band before they would release their next hit single.

After signing with Columbia Records, the duo would go on to release their next single called To the Moon and Back, which would be another top charting number one position in the country of Australia as well as the United States. The group was seeing immediate success although it was from a very young audience. They would later release their third single called Truly Madly Deeply that would not only be released in Australia but throughout Europe and the United States as well. Within a matter of months, the group had gone from relatively unknown to being in the international spotlight. After the release of these singles, it was time for the two to release a full length studio album, which was soon to become a reality.


Savage Garden would release their self titled CD in Australia in 1997 where it would immediately go to number one on the albums charts. The record would also be released in Europe and the United States where it would gain similar acclaim. The song called To the Moon and Back would be the most played song on the radio in 1997 and the record would quickly be certified gold. The group would go on tours in their home country to support their new found success.

They would gain millions of fans throughout the country of Australia as well as the United States and Europe but again, they were mostly of the younger class of citizens enthralled by the love songs that the group turned out. Many wanted to classify the duo as a “boy band” although they did not fit traditional boy band standards. The group did not concentrate on many albums but would ride their singles as much as possible as they would gain steam in almost every continent except Antarctica. Their album would eventually go numerous times platinum as well as many of their singles from their debut album.

The group would go on to release two more albums during their career as Savage Garden; however, like many who come into success very quickly, the duo would end up splitting ways relatively shortly there afterward. It was said that they were not happy with their particular place in the music industry as they had been viewed more or less one hit wonders although they had many more hits that just one. Also, it has been speculated that although the band was very popular, the audience that it catered to was somewhat unsettling. The many fans of the group can find more information and history on their career through the internet and may also find music available for free music downloads.

Did you know that...
  • ...Savage Garden was a quote from a vampire series of books.
  • ...the duo only produced three albums in their popular rise.
  • ...they would be become over night success stories from one single release.
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