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Brotha Lynch Hung

Brotha Lynch Hung – A Sense Of The Macabre

“Every time I make an album, I have to go through pain in order to make the songs I want.”

The hip hop sub-genre aptly named horrorcore paints dark visions with music and lyrics the same way horror movie uses imagery to depict the story of the baser side of humanity.

Brotha Lynch Hung - The beginnings

Kevin James Mann was born January 10, 1972 in the gang ridden Florin Gardens section of Sacramento, California. With self-proclaimed Crip gang affiliation Mann began rapping as Ice Cold in 1986 as a 14 year old. While still in high school he perfected his art, battling others word for word, causing his half-brother and fellow rapper, Sicx, to hang the Brotha Lynch Hung title on him. Both Sicx and other childhood fellow rapper X-Raided are doing prisons sentences for unrelated murders.

Lynch’s 1993 debut album, 24 Deep showcased the struggles he went thru growing up as part of a gang. His second and most successful album, Season of Da Siccness (1995), painted such a gruesome picture of gangland life’s over-the-top journeys into drugs, sex, unspeakable crimes against infants and children that is described as “one of the most gruesome and misogynistic albums ever released”. Following the same grisly path Loaded was released in 1997. The 2000 release of EBK4 created a dispute with Black Market Records over featuring other artists regardless of his objections. He requested that his fans boycott the album and released the cannibalistic and bloodthirsty DVD Now Eat.

Annual releases

Brotha Lynch Hung has continued his gross, bloody lyrical mass murder of humankind with the next annual releases of Blocc Movement and Virus (2001), Appearances: Book 1 and the DVD Plague (2002), and the Lynch by Inch: Suicide Note and Uthanizm (2003). The 2006 release, The New Season, was a collaboration project with MC Eiht. Brotha also collaborated with other popular rap artists such as Master P, E-40, and Mr. Serve On. He appeared on one of Snoop Dogg’s mix tapes and in return Snoop Dogg, Daz, and Kurupt were featured on Another Killin’. He produced and co-produced most of his own works as well as for many of his fellow artists.

Lynches own self admitted addiction to horror movies, court TV and mass murder mysteries (as well as his own life experiences) has fueled his fantastical imaginings, giving him the storyboard basics for his self-styled cathartic processes that turn into bloodthirsty ‘spits’ describing some of the most painful events of his life.

Now in the works

Back after a hiatus to work on a screenplay and with his newest project, Brotha Lynch Hung continues on his chosen path depicting more verbal horrors in this first-of-it’s kind conceptual trilogy following the life of a daylight ‘normie’ turn rap slaying serial killer by night. “Each track of Dinner and a Movie plays like a scene in a motion picture; a psychotic horror film to be precise,” is an apt description of this work if it follows Lynch’s previous styles. Dan Gedman has joined Lynch to direct 27 videos from the three albums; the first of the singles with video is Meat and I Plotted (My Next Murder) will be released shortly afterward, then followed by the third video, Colostomy Bag. The first of the three part works, Dinner and a Movie, is scheduled for a March, 2010 release. The second and third albums have yet to be written.

Did you know that...
  • ...using the double ‘c’ instead of ck on words is one of the Crip gangland attributes?
  • ...his daughter was born in the same hospital room that his mother died in?
  • ...Snoop Dogg has mulled the idea of re-releasing some of Hung’s early albums?
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