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Standing here looking at my window, my days are long and my nights are cold…

New York Life

The singer and songwriter that would be later known as Case would be born in the inner city of New York in what some refer to as the projects. The family struggled financially but it is said that they would come together around the art of creating, singing, and listening to music. He would start performing for friends and family in the living room when he was only five years old. It was later said by Case that his father would be one of the most influential people in his life as he helped him develop his passion for music as a young child. His father was a temporary member for the pop group Cameo.

Singing the Song

Case would express his love for music as a young child but it was said that the fact that his family was strict Jehovah’s Witnesses, it would create a barrier between his family and himself. Eventually, the family’s strict religion would drive him from his home and at the age of seventeen years old he would leave home determined to pursue a career in music. He would live sometimes with friends but would eventually end up homeless on the streets of New York for a little while until he would reconcile his relationship with his family and move back home. He would release a number of demos trying to get his name known and would also work with some industry greats such as Usher and Al B Sure. He would go on to sign with Def Jam Records, which would prove to be the big break he was looking for.

Career Jumpstart

Case would get his break when he signed his first record deal and he would release his first single called Touch Me Tease Me. The song would be co-written with Mary J. Blige and also feature guest vocals from Foxy Brown. The single would eventually go gold and would reach the number four position on the R&B Singles Charts. He would then tour to support his album but immediately go back to work and would release his next album called Personal Conversation in the year of 1999. He would have a few singles off of the album that would chart on the United States Billboard charts such as Happily Ever After, which he would also produce a music video for.

The video would feature the popular singer Beyonce as Case’s love interest although that was simply just for the video. The second album would go on to achieve the certification of platinum after it sold over one million copies. Again, he would tour in support of his record but immediately go back to the studio to produce a third album that would be called Open Letter. The release of the single called Missing You is his first single to make it to number one.

Of the Present

Case would have one of the most horrendous scares of his life in early 2002 when he was handling a gun that accidentally discharged and shot him in the throat. Luckily, he would not sustain any life threatening wounds and it would not damage his vocal cords. He would take a break of around seven years before he went back into the studio to begin his next work. Many of his fans can find free music downloads or songs available for internet screening on his official website. They may also find information on upcoming events and appearances by the singer.

Did you know that...
  • ...much of the singer’s success has been attributed to the fact that he has been featured on many movie soundtracks.
  • ...he would perform with artists such as Ginuwine and Jagged Edge.
  • ...he would be out of the hospital in four hours after shooting himself in the neck with a gun.
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