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From the early 50's until today, Rock'n'Roll, or simply Rock today, was much about the attitude as it was about the music. The fuse of Country music with Rhythm and Blues, became an explosive phenomenon, that swept western civilization during the better part of the 20th century. Rock firmly placed the electric guitar as its main axe,using it or abusing it in every way possible. Rock can be the delicate harmonies of the Beach Boys, or the speed metal of Metallica, or even the calculated solos of Pink Floyd.
3 Doors Down 3 Doors Down is a rock band from Escatawpa, Mississippi. They were formed in 1996, by Matt Roberts, Brad Arnold as well as bass player Todd Harrell. They bring more meaning into rock. They place personal experiences, as well as views into the songs they sing, to bring more meaning into their songs for their fans. The three band members were friends who grew up in Escatawpa. They shared the common interest of rock music. They played all around the city they played their original songs that became part of their first album.
Adema Adema started out as a brainchild of Mark Chavez and it was his vision and Nu-Metal embrace that launched the career of Adema. At the time they were ready to sign a record deal a virtual war broke out with many record labels wanting to sign them up. A genre which had seen the likes of Korn, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park make international superstardom; Adema was able make their own ground and achieve success.
Apocalyptica Apocalyptica was formed in 1993, when Eicca and three fellow cellists from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland, combined their passion for heavy metal and classical music. They began composing unique arrangements of songs by their favorite heavy metal band, Metallica and covering artists such as: David Bowie, Faith No More and Sepultura. Apocalyptica got their break in 1995, when they performed at Teatro Heavy Metal Club in Helsinki.
Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne took the world by a storm, her skater dude fashion, cool teen-age angst lyrics and her media profile has made her a superstar. Avril Lavigne has also started a fashion line, fragrance business and a movie career. She has sold nearly 50 million albums world wide in an astonishing career and yet she has not even 30 yet. Her commercial success has seen her transform from the juvenile punk image to a princess.
Bad Company Bad Company was founded by Paul Rodgers, former vocalist for the group Free, in England in 1973. Along with Rodgers, Simon Kirke (drummer), also from Free, Mick Ralphs (guitarist) formerly of the group Mott the Hoople, and the bassist from King Crimson, Boz Burrell, formed one of the most well-known supergroups of the 70's and 80's. Rodgers reportedly named the group after one of his favorite movies, also named Bad Company.
Chicago Working late nights playing small clubs and dives in the windy city of Chicago, five musical students of DePaul University would later become one of the all time best selling rock n' roll groups across multiple categories. Walter Parazaider, Terry Kath, Danny Seraphine, James Pankow, Lee Loughnane, and last to arrive Robert Lamm played music under many names eventually settling on Chicago, the name that would become a staple throughout rock 'n' roll history.
Collective Soul Collective Soul was one of the definitive bands of the post grunge rock era of the 90's. The bands uniquely textured guitar sound and emotionally charged performances broke them into the mainstream. Singer and song writer lyrics along with the guitar work of his brother Dean Roland have made a significant impact to the musical landscape of the 90s.
Creedence Clearwater Revival The chances of a rock 'n' roll group all of the same age and from the same high school is almost unheard of. The exception, Creedence Clearwater Revival, is the lone exception to this rule. Creedence Clearwater Revival would turn out to be one of the most revered rock 'n' roll groups of all time, shattering records and turning out a sound that would be unique to their time.
Nickelback Nickelback was formed by Ryan Peake and the Kroeger brothers Mike and Chad Kroeger, and their cousin Brandon in the small Canadian town of Hanna, Alberta. With Chad on vocals, the group quickly got to work right after they came together in 1996. Before the year was over, the band had already finished recording the Hesher EP and their debut full-length album Curb.

10. Queen

Queen Most bands stick to just one genre, releasing songs from just a single musical category. Yet there are also musical acts that dabble in anything and everything, running the whole gamut of sounds and styles. Queen was one such band, and they're best known for trying out most of the rock styles available during their years of activity.
Ben Harper Ben Harper has very quickly made a name for himself as being an original guitar player using soul and rock and roll music. His guitar playing skills have given him a cult-like status. Ben Harper even plays the slide guitar; often invoking images of Robert Johnson. It’s his simple lyrics and original sound that have given him a ready mainstream as well as a college audience. Ben has often been compared to the like of Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Mayfield.
Bob Dylan His influence on popular music changed America and the rest of the world. His songs, his words inspired artists, politicians, filmmakers, writers and historians. The reluctant messiah of a generation protesting the Vietnam War, guitar player, music genre creator, rock’s first shaman, revolutionary poet (for his fans), mysterious agent of change; Dylan is a giant! His distinctive nasal voice, intellectual depth and surrealism in his songwriting have made Bob Dylan arguable the most important artist in popular music.
Bon Jovi Started in the city of New Jersey, Jon Bon Jovi would form the band in the city of Sayerville New Jersey in the late 1960’s. He would begin playing the guitar as well as the piano in 1975 and would start his first band called Raze at the age of thirteen years old. He would meet David Bryan and form a cover band called Atlantic City Expressway and began playing clubs in the New Jersey area unchaperoned.
Cheap Trick Cheap Trick influence on American Rock bands in undeniable. They have been around for over 40 years performing their infectious pop infused rock music to enthusiastic audiences world wide. Away from the US, their biggest and most loyal fans are in Japan; where they are one of most popular bands of all times. They have been primarily a touring band playing all their favorite to almost 250 shows around the world.
David Bowie The innovator, the legend, the Starman, the Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust and of course Major Tom. David Bowie has always managed to reinvent his music and his image with almost every new album and tour. His music and songwriting has influenced musicians as diverse as U2, Nirvana and No Doubt. A catalogue of classic albums, he has embraced almost all popular genres of music with consummate ease. His revolutionary concerts “Glass Spider” and “Sound and Vision” have been ahead of its time and theme. David Bowie has changed the musical landscape for over four decades.
Dire Straits The brothers Mark Knopfler and David Knopfler would go on to form the ground breaking music ensemble called Dire Straits with members John Illsley, and Pick Withers in 1977. The group would bring their sometimes hard and sometimes soft sound to audiences around the globe and would be awarded many times over for their style. From the very first EP, there would be no doubt that the group would become one of the most acclaimed groups of the twentieth century and would produce songs and albums that would stay in the charts as well as generate sales for the duration of their career.
Disturbed Disturbed has destroyed everything in their path to Metal glory. Their ferocious live shows dominated by their frenetic thrashing guitars and the growl of one of Metals most messianic vocalist. The bands live shows have become iconic dark debauchery of alternative metal madness and songs about war and religion. A symbol reflecting the emotion in the bands music the mascot called The Guy does for the band what Eddie does for Iron Maiden.

18. Dope

Dope The group known to the heavy metal world as Dope was founded in the city of Chicago in 1997 by Edsel and Simon Dope, along with Tripp Eisen, Preston Nash, and Lanson Lang. The group is said to have been influenced by early 1990’s industrial metal groups such as Nine Inch Nails and Ministry.
Elvis Presley An American cultural icon, the original rock star, the heartbreaker, the legend and a legacy which will never end. His soulful voice, his good looks and raw sensuality, that devilish smile and of course his stage performances! Elvis Presley made rock & roll music what it is today, revolutionized the genre and gave it an international popularity. He is easily the single most important artist in American popular culture. Thirty years after his death, he continues to sell millions of records to every new generation of fans and mesmerizes them by his power. Elvis Presley will remain a part of our consciousness forever. His artistic achievement is unparallel and can be summed up by the fact that he won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36! His home Graceland in Memphis is a rock temple with million of visitors every year.
Faith No More Faith No More are one of those bands that were destined for greatness yet being the great under-achievers. Faith No More remains one of the distinctively sounding rock bands of the 90s. Their fusion of rock based on metal, hip-up, funk and progressive rock has seen the band receive wide spread acclaim. At their height they opened for the co-headlines Guns N’ Roses and Metallica North American Stadium tour in 1992.
Genesis Forming in the year of 1967, the group called Genesis would go on to be one of the world’s leading rock n’ roll groups of the twentieth century. Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks would form the band while students at a charter school in England and would bring their song across many oceans to the millions of adoring fans.
Godsmack Godsmack was formed by the lead vocalist and primary songwriter Sully Erna – the self-proclaimed savior of metal music. Godsmack have been a phenomenal success right from their very first album, the bands ferocious thrashing guitar sound with poignant lyrics have made the band one of the biggest in the last decade. They have sold over 20 million albums worldwide and are easily one of top live metal acts. Regularly seen on the Ozzfest circuit, the band has headlined many of their own arena shows across the globe. Their charismatic leader is one of metals most enduring superstars. It his songwriting vision, front-man antics, gut wrenching growl and even a bit of drumming duels that have got the band their dedicated fans.
Grateful Dead The group that would be known throughout the world as The Grateful Dead would go on to solidify their place in music history and go down as one of the most influential bands of all time. The group was founded on a multi music genre and would create music that would break the boundaries of rock n’ roll, funk, gospel, blue grass and country. The group is most well known for its band member Jerry Garcia who would stand at the forefront although he never did like to think of himself as a leader in any way.
Hatebreed A catalogue of hardcore albums, gut-crunching live shows delivered with a punk attitude and true thrashes metal guitars has given Hatebreed a massive cult following in the Metalcore community. The growling and screaming vocals of Jamey Jasta, dark apocalyptic lyrics have given the band phenomenal success and are considered to be one of the pioneers of the genre. The band has toured the world several times giving them widespread acclaim and success. The albums are heavily downloaded online as well. The 2003 Rise of Brutality is considered a Metalcore masterpiece. The band easily one of the most successful artists of the genre

25. Heart

Heart With over thirty million albums sold worldwide, Heart is a band that has staying power. Since the seventies they have brought us several lineup changes, genres of rock and hits. Just when you think you have heard the last of them, they come back ready for more.

26. INXS

INXS The group that would be known to the world as INXS would bring their new sound to audiences across the globe. The band started with members Andrew Fariss, Michael Hutchence, Kent Kerny, and Neil Sanders, who decided to form the group called Doctor Dolphin under the supervision of Andrew Fariss, their high school classmate. In 1977, the group would begin playing with a few other temporary members to form the group called the Farris Brothers, that would later be known as INXS.
Incubus Incubuses is one of the most original and successful bands of the post-grunge era. It is in fact sometimes difficult to slot them into a genre. The bands music is a combination of alternative metal riffs fused with funk rap and thrash elements. The band mellowed ballads have been massive hits on the Modern Rock Charts. The band has 4 no.1 Modern Rock singles making them one of the most successful of the post grunge genre.
Iron Maiden Prodigious in the amount of music they have produced as well as the enormous number of live performances they have given Iron Maiden has had a huge impact on the course of the genre of music most often called heavy metal. International superstardom has been granted this most successful of heavy metal bands via the Ivor Novello Award for international achievement in 2002, inclusion in the Californian Hollywood RockWalk in 2005 and the BBC Greatest Metal Band Of All Time designation in 2009.
Jack Johnson Jack Johnson has created some of the best acoustic pop sounds in the last few years. His albums have achieved platinum status and he has toured all over the world; yet his first love and passion is not music it is surfing. Jack Johnson while growing up in the beaches on the Hawaiian island of Oahu was a champion surfer. His creative expression led him to songwriting and filmmaking. His image of Bermuda shorts and t-shirt wearing beach buddy is also the mood of his music. But it his sense of simple melodies and a day in the life feel of his music which brings out his optimism and his soul. His live performances just like his studio albums always “keep it simple”.
Jackson Browne This award winning well known singer/songwriter has made a name for himself by writing hit songs according to his political belief and personal angst. Jackson Browne is one of the few artists out there that is not scared or ashamed to let the world know what he feels about even the most controversial issues.
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